Black / Punk / Doom - Gainesville (USA) / Bremen (GER)

Within six years of their inception Germany’s Mantar were scoring Top 10 albums in their native country, with 2018’s The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze hitting #7 on the chart. Moreover, filling 1000+ cap German venues, embarking on several tours all over Europe alongside playing all the major European festivals, touring the US - and playing the California and Maryland Deathfests - alongside Japan, Mexico, and South Africa, the duo have been steadily building momentum, and this carries them into their latest full-length, Pain Is Forever and This is The End. While they have pushed the limits on all of their releases, going into the new record they had a clearer idea of what they wanted than ever before. “I just knew I wanted to write stronger ‘songs’ in relation to ‘songwriting’ and rely less on being an ‘extreme’ metal act that only convinces through a certain sound or general ‘heaviness’,” explains vocalist/guitarist Hanno. “Don't get me wrong, we still like to be heavy but the truth is neither [drummer/vocalist] Erinc nor I are much of ‘extreme metal’ musicians or fans. I mean of course there are several metal bands that I adore but for us the song always comes first. So I invested even more time on trying to write better songs, interesting structures and catchy tunes.” The results speak for themselves, with this being the most diverse and interesting Mantar album, taking things to the proverbial next level.

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